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Mobarrow enjouys us


Videos you should see

Mobarrow Herkules in the hill Customer from Germany clears snow with Mobarrow
Mobarrow on a ladder, never try this at home Mobarrow works hard in Spain
The Mobarrow team works in the forest Mobarrow vs. Zipper
Mobarrow – load test (comparison with the competition)   The customer exports wood from the forest
Mobarrow over obstacles Towing vehicle
Mobarrow Large Mondle is unstoppable Mobarrow Living balk
Mobarrow, helper around the house Double-sided snow plow
What Mobarrow can do Mobarrow Jumbo Double 1
Mobarrow Jumbo Double 2 Ground drill

TV shows where we had reports:

The advice of the Loskuták bird - program of NOVA televison

Podzim 2017

Polopatě - program of Czech television

Summer 2020 Spring 2020
Autumn 2019 Autumn 2018
Spring 2018 Spring 2017

Hobby of our time - program of Czech television

Autumn 2019 Spring 2018
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