What is the reason that Mobarrow climbs much steeper hills with much heavier loads than the competition?!


While the competition uses motors denoted by the English abbreviation BLDC and no or a small gearbox for them, we have constructed the Mobarrow with DC serial motors with a planetary gearbox. BLDC motors have their performance at high revolutions and the resulting high speeds - such as in an electric scooter. But will you run in the garden with an electric wheel forty kilometers per hour?! Certainly not - and therefore competitive electric wheels must be slowed down by the control electronics by an order of ten times. And at the same time, the performance, i.e. the power, technically speaking the torque of their engines and thus the wheels, will also fundamentally and totally decrease. Another disadvantage is that at such uneconomically slowed speeds, they do not manage electricity well and will soon drain the battery.

The series DC motor Mobarrow, on the other hand, works at its optimal speed and is converted to a pleasant working speed by the planetary gearbox. And in addition, this type of our engine is characterized by a huge range right from the start - engines of this type are used, for example, in trams and electric locomotives. Notice how a fully loaded train pulls away without hesitation. And that's how our Motúčko works!

Comparison of the performance and power of motors in Mobarrow and other machines

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