Which Mobarrow to choose according to performance?

In short: Even with Mobarrow Classic, you can go up a reasonablehill with a reasonable usual load of about 80 kilos.

In detail: Although the Classic (250 W), Power-ExtraPower (300W) and Herkules (400 W) engines do not seem to differ so much inpower, torque is decisive. All Mobarrows engines have high torquemotors, which is what makes Mobarrow of climb most any hill. Ourmotors have a huge advantage compared to BLDC engines. However, the Classic is a two-pole motor, the Power and Extra Power uses a four-pole motor, which boosts torque by 50%compared to the Classic. Hercules is four-pole and also has rare earth magnets - which gives even more torque an extra 50% compared to the Power and Extra Power models. The classic slows down on a steep hill, but does not stop? The Power and Extra Power makes hills feel significantly less steep and Hercules is fighting like a dragon on a steep hill. Triglav rear wheels are very important = it is a hot-dip galvanized axle with 9 cm wide bantam wheels, of course turning, with a spring damper. I would always choose them for each model - people often tell me: The motif is straight. It's twice straight with Triglav!

What about speed od Mobarrow, Brake and Reverse?

In short: The base is a forward drive at walking speed = 4 km / h and a motor brake with recuperation. This is how the STANDARD Mobarrow series is equipped. However, it is also possible to have greater comfort = an electric brake with a fixed effect or Continuous Forward / Reverse / Brake control.

In detail: The STANDARD series reels have a motor directly connected to the battery via a control relay, which means one speed (4 km / h) forward. All Mobarrows have a recuperation diode, which means that when driving downhill at a speed of about 4 km / h and higher, the direction of the current is reversed and the electricity charges the battery. It brakes pleasantly - just like a threesome without gas when driving downhill. In addition, the PLUS series already has an integrated electric brake with a fixed braking effect. You achieve the required braking intensity by simply turning the control to the other side at the currently required intervals. Mobarrow Extra are equipped with power transistor electronics, which ensures continuous regulation of the forward and reverse speeds, as well as continuous regulation of the electric brake. Just as much as you press the lever with your thumb, you move forward or backward fast or you brake so hard. The control is based on extraordinary loads and surges during starts in extremely steep hills or heavy and impact braking and has a safety factor of 8.5 compared to the normal operating state. As I said, Continuous Control also includes an equivalent Continuous Reverse (all used engines are right-handed and they don't care if they go forward or backward). The electronics box has a built-in LED that indicates the selected mode and a voltmeter that shows the voltage on the battery. In addition, all Triglav rear wheels are equipped with a mechanical parking brake.

Which bin to choose?

In short: Suitable for the material you will be driving.

In detail: The bins are more and importantly, they are interchangeable, in about three to four minutes. Basically, for all Mobarrows, except for Mobarrow Large for wood. There is a 100 l bin made of galvanized sheet metal, into which you load 25% more material than into ordinary wheels (these usually have 80 l bins), which serves very well on stone, clay, sand, concrete, but of course also for lighter materials. But to bring you even more, there are plastic bins 120 l and 200 l. Sometimes customers ask if they break. The answer is simple: Not only have I never seen or heard anyone break the plastic bin. For wood over 50 cm long, there is a wheelbarrow (sometimes we use the equivalent word superstructure). The Mobarrow Large for wood is then a wheelbarrow special - no other body is usually placed on it. Technically, it is possible to fit a 200 l plastic body well on it, but aesthetically it is not quite that.

When I don't want to unloading Mobarrow by hand?

In short: Choose Equerry, Jumbo Double, or a 120 l or 200 l body with a side unload.

In detail: Equerry and Jumbo Double are Mobarrows with a large load (300 kg and 400 kg), twin-engine (2X300 W four-pole motors) that move deftly in the terrain and have mechanical forward (Equerry) or side discharge (this is Jumbo Double on request).

Is the battery included in the delivery of Mobarrow?

In short: YES

Details: Yes, of course, a PANASONIC battery specially developed to power electric vehicles with a capacity of 22 Ah and a nominal voltage of 12 V is included and included in every Mobarrow (for twin-engine Mobarrows. The battery is acidic, sealed, acid is absorbed in a glass mat and can therefore work and be stored in any position, you don't have to worry about it other than charging and recharging it properly, and that's very important, please read the correct principles at www.motucko.cz. when the voltage at rest drops to 11.4 V. You can and will be happy to charge the battery before. Batteries of this type have no memory effect and deep discharge (ie below 11.4 V at rest) is detrimental to them. with which each Reel battery is equipped.

How long does the battery last from charged to charged?

In short: LONG

In detail: There is no point in showing diagrams of how the battery discharges. You get more energy from it when you draw smaller currents for a longer time than high currents for a shorter time. But of course you can't choose in the field - however, even turbo workers can withstand at least one shift. Remember that the only but really necessary maintenance of the battery is - charge it at the latest at 11.4 V at rest (you can see the voltage on the built-in voltmeter). And if you charge sooner, it will be even better for the battery. It has no memory effect, so charge calmly after each job. And if you happen to work even more than turbo workers or transfer Mobarrow shift from hand to hand, then there is the possibility of a quick-change design and two batteries.

Is the charger included in the basic delivery of Mobarrow?

In short: NO

In detail: The charger is not part of Mobarrow, because you can also use a high-quality car battery charger, which you may already have at home. We do not want to force our charger on you. However, if you use other than ours, it must have at least the following basic parameters:

- the highest terminal voltage during the charging cycle 14.8 to 15 V

- charging current limited to a maximum of 6.6 A

- automatic switching to maintenance mode when the battery is charged Bravo chargers, which you will find in the Accessories section, have these parameters and many other protections. They are a smart charger and will ensure you the correct charging not only of the Mobarrow battery, but also of the car and all other 12-volt batteries. he convinced himself. I use our battery as a starter for the gasoline tractor and the little grandchildren who played on it turned the ignition key on me. When I wanted to mow in a week, the battery had 0 volts - which is normally lethal for lead batteries. Despite the Repair function, however, the battery has recovered after two days, so that it now holds the voltage and I still use it as a starting point.

What is the difference between the engines of the Classic series and the engines of othershigher ranks?

In short: With the 250 W = Classic engine, I will go up the usual reasonable load (about 80 kg) every two steps. And despite all the challenges, no one has ever been able to do the opposite to me! Otherwise, however, it is true that even Classic will playfully drive 150 Kg in normally hilly terrain.

In detail: During the belt technology competition on the steepest European vineyards on the Moselle River, Classic and I took up a 100- kilogram organizer - and the terrain was no longer viable for two and we drove along the Mobarrow winch. The fact is, however, that Mobarrow will slow down considerably during such an effort. The motor of the Power series and higher is only 50 W stronger, but it is four-pole (two-pole for Classic) and has 50% higher torque (see Motors at www.motucko.cz).

Does Mobarrow have a freewheel and what is its purpose?

In short: Yes, everyone.

In detail: Each Mobarrow is equipped with a freewheel located in the gearbox. On the outside it is a rectangular stainless steel pin. When in its upper position (as if pulled from the gearbox, marked OFF - then the motor is disconnected from the driven wheel and you can push or pull the spool freely. In the lower position (ON) the pin engages in the ring gear and the motor is connected to the driven wheel via the gearbox The freewheel in the OFF position is used for possible emergency travel.

Will the rear wheels of Triglav pay off for me?

In short: YES

In detail: A scooter without rear wheels will climb every hill and pull you into it, but you still have to hold the handles and with them, according to the laws of seventh-class physics, the part of the load that corresponds to the ratio of wheel center to center your palms clasped on the handles. With the Triglav rear wheels, you don't carry any weight at all - you just add gas and drive. Customers often tell me: The motto is straight! And with the rear wheels, it's twice as straight! Pouring is not harder either - I recommend unloading not directly forwards, not directly to the side, but diagonally forward. And when you come across a terrain where the wheels still bother - then in the forest I lift Mobarrow and cross the stump and take the wheels down on a field with deep plowing - it takes me about two or three minutes. In general, however, whoever deploys Triglav will not take it off.

Which tire to choose?

In short: It's like a car. You never know for sure.

In detail: A 40/10 cm tractor pattern with a depth of 2 cm will normally suffice. Of course, a 40/16 cm tractor is better for soft terrain, mud. And also to the forest - when I cross small spruces from the raid, they stand and grow further - and at sixteen the pressure on the spruce is 1.6 times less… It is important to maintain the correct tire pressure (1.5 atmospheres), because Mobarrow has very a strong grip and an underinflated tire will turn and the valve will break.

How to handle with fuse?

In short: Always pull out when the Mobarrow is out of your sight and occasionally lubricate it with electrical grease or spray Kontaktol and the like. Close the case!

In detail: The characteristics of the fuses are designed to suit the course of working with the Mobarrow as much as possible. would mean that Mobarrow will "pull" significantly less. Therefore, always close the case with a cap and occasionally lubricate or lubricate it with electrical grease.

How about a possible repair?

In short: The hoe is so good that you won't need one!

In detail: But seriously, the failure rate is below one percent. Of course, Mobarrow has a two-year warranty, so during it it is our duty to take full care of you and Mobarrow - that is, to pick it up, repair it and transport it back to you, all free of charge. But even during the warranty period, it could be more convenient for you to replace the defective part (we would send a new one by mail) - usually it's easy. After the warranty, this option becomes more important - in most cases, according to the instructions and video instructions or with the phone on your ear and us at the other end, you can easily find the part and replace it in a similar way. Or he's here there is still the possibility that we will pick up, repair and deliver Mobarrow - after the guarantee it's a small friendly money, holt costs.

How long does Mobarrow last to work on one charge, and how long does it normally charge?

In short: Longer than you.

In detail: It depends on the load, the steepness of the hill, the number of rides with the load uphill or vice versa. However, the energy content of the battery will certainly last for one working day and you will recharge the battery overnight (usually four hours). When people rent Mobarrow for work in the forest at our rental shop, they sometimes ask if the batteries are enough for them. Enough: When they return in the evening, they say: I couldn't anymore and Mobarrow could!

What varnish, type of surface should I choose?

In short: All finishes are high quality.

In detail: The STANDARD and PLUS series has a smooth, durable baking varnish, Extra, Quatro and Specials have a hammer baking 3D varnish, into which you can also dig a nail and it's not very visible. In most versions, it is also possible to choose a hot-dip galvanized frame (this is the same surface finish as on the barriers). Heavy Duty is already hot dip galvanized.

Can I leave the Mobarrow in the rain?

In short: Occasionally in the short term yes, permanently no.

In detail: It's similar to a motorcycle.

Can I wash the Reel with the Wap system?

In short: NO

In detail: Pressurized water can reverse the seals in the wheels, penetrate inside the engine and bearings, which would not be good.

Can I leave Mobarrow in a garden shed, where it is -10°C in winter?

In short: Yes

In detail: Yes, but recharge the battery at least once a month, even if you do not use Mobarrow in the winter (which is a shame, however, because it is a direct year-round helper! but with warming it returns to the classic value.

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