Universal Tool Holder
Universal Tool Holder

Universal Tool Holder


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Universal Tool Holder

The Universal Tool Holder is used for quick clamping of accessories such as snow plow, furrow plow and forks for lifting heavy loads, roller, ISO ball, attachment for balancing bins, etc. Also all other accessories and working tools that will be developed in the future will always be depending on the character, it can be connected either to the Universal Holder or to the axis of the Triglav additional wheels.

Package contents:

1x Universal Tool Holder - the holder already includes screws, nuts, washers and attachments for attachment to the frame Mobarrow - the front part contains all the connecting material for attaching the front accessories

Compatible accessories with universal carrier:

- Snow plow

- Fork Hercules

- Furrow plow

- ISO Spherical Tow

- Tow for Sheet Metal Trash Can 

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