Igráček - Gardener with Mobarrow
Igráček - Gardener with Mobarrow
Igráček - Gardener with Mobarrow

Igráček - Gardener with Mobarrow


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Igráček - Gardener with Mobarrow

Package contains:

1x bucket
1x broom
1x hoe
1x Mobarrow
1x Mr. Igráček


The fairy tale about Mobarrow

There was once a motor wheel and it was called Mobarrow. The Mobarrow was sad because it was alone and very bored. One day he decided to go for a walk. It drove through mountains and mines, through a deep forest to one town. He drove through town and saw Igráček working in his garden on a large hill. The Igráček had just been carrying a pile of firewood for the winter in his old wheel. He was very tired from such hard work. Mobarrow came to Igráček and offered him her help. It was new, polished, powerful and fully automated. The Igráček was excited. Now it was really easy to transport wood up a big hill. With the help of Mobarrow, Igráček soon prepared all the wood for the winter and they were both happy, because Igráček no longer had to worry about the harsh winter, Mobarrow was beneficial and found a new friend. After a few days, the mayor of the town came to Igráček and wondered how he had managed to bring all the wood up so fast up the hill. Igráček told the mayor how his new friend Mobarrow had helped him with such hard work. In the town, it was necessary to restore the city park, which was already overgrown and not maintained for a long time. Mobarrow offered to be happy to help the mayor with the park. The work went well for everyone and the city park was soon beautiful again and full of flowers. Mobarrow helped with planting flowers, arranging grass and sidewalks. All enthusiastic children of the Igráčeks loved the park and went to it every day to play. The mayor thanked to Mobarrow,Mobarrow became an honorary citizen of the town and in honor of Mobarrow the town was renamed to Mobarrow Town.

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