Rear Wheels Triglav with Parking Brake
Rear Wheels Triglav with Parking Brake

Rear Wheels Triglav with Parking Brake


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Rear Wheels Triglav with Parking Brake

Additional wheels with brakes are mounted on movable arms and connected by a stabilizing rod, as in road vehicles. The gear unit has a correctly set Ackermann angle at the factory, so that each wheel rolls with the correct turning radius and there is no skidding. The additional wheels carry the entire weight that a person working with Mobarrow otherwise carries. The weight that loads the front wheel remains the same as for the Mobarrow single wheel. In this way, good contact of the drive wheel with the surface is guaranteed and at the same time zero load on the person. One only controls the drive switch on the handle and presses the handle lightly left or right to indicate the direction of travel. Now also with a mechanical brake, thanks to which the Mobarrow remains stable and fixed in any terrain. Additional rear wheels can be attached to all Mobarrows versions.

Package contents:

1x Rear Wheels Triglav with Parking Brake
2x mounting brackets (including screws and nuts) already fitted
4x plastic shoes


Technical description:

Weight: 8.1 kg
Tire: inflatable wheels - bantam, wheel diameter 32 cm, tire width 10 cm
External wheel distance: 78 cm

We have newly added a stabilizer for easier driving, the wheels now hold the direction better when moving backwards and forwards and do not oscillate when driving off-road.

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